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In 2008 Tucker,Dahgreen, Akerstedt and Waterhouse compared the different types of free time activity on the indices of sleep recovery and well being.  Twelve individuals spent four consecutive evenings after work in three different conditions. Pursuing quiet leisure activities at home, taking part in active leisure pursuits and doing additional work.

Unsurprisingly less satisfaction, rest and recuperation were reported in those doing additional work. Despite there being few other differences between conditions the group who reported better rest, recuperation and sleep were those who were satisfied with their evening activities.

Evening activities which required less mental effort were also associated with better sleep less fatigue the following day and improved recuperation. It was concluded that the nature of the activity may be less important than the individual preference and the cumulative demands of both day and evening activities.

In another study looking at the effect of blue enriched white light during daytime working hours in an office setting. Daytime sleepiness was reduced, and improvement was noted in subjective alertness, performance and evening fatigue. This study involved 104 white collar workers on two office floors and was conducted and reported by Viola, James, Schlangen and Dijk in the Scandinavian Journal of Work and Environmental Health 2008.