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Within this blog I intend to write a little more detail about the sleep problems that children  and families encounter.  I work,  as  my website says, to help parents cope with the main challenges of parenting.

In the first English textbook of Pediatrics, published in 1545 Thomas Phaire wrote about sleep being “as important as food to a growing child.”

While we know  much more about children’s sleep disorders now, the attention paid to them still lags well behind the attention paid to adults sleep disorders. There is still no formal medical training in Children’s sleep disorders available within the UK.

Sleep Scotland, continues to be the main source of further training for nurses, teachers and social workers,  in using a variation of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to treat children with sleep disorders.

The pattern of occurance of sleep disturbances differs in children. However, it is interesting to note that some issues previously considered to be  “adult” sleep disorders and behaviours are now recognised in children, although children’s sleep disorders  are less likely to be associated with  psychiatric illness.


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