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Sleep is an important part of our daily lives. We all have our own body clock which regulates our day. Some of us are Larks and some of us are Owls. Our children are no different. The work we do often dictates our waking sleeping pattern and we have learned to move our “sleep-time” to suit our lifestyles. Children learn to sleep, we teach them this from birth.  At first babies sleep in their own time frames but by about three months we can, if we are wise, start to introduce a routine of sleep and wake times. Teaching babies to self soothe is a valuable life lesson. A child who has slept well and for the required amount of time is a much happier child, is easier to be with and will learn much faster.

Having a good sleep wake routine is good for parents too. Sleep deficit in adults costs in both financial and emotional terms. An adult whose sleep pattern is consistently disturbed will find concentration and decison making much more difficult. They become confronational and argumentative. If this pattern is prolonged than depression often follows.

Sleep medicine is still in it’s infancy. The topic of sleep and sleep disturbance, which has been shown to be very common in the general population, does not routinely feature in medical or other health professional training.

If you need help with your childs sleep contact don’t let sleep problems persist. We can help you resolve them.